Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Cinema

I went to the movies on Monday night with new friends. Many of the latest movies are playing - the new Batman, Hancock, etc. For 380 shillings (about $6) you can get a movie ticket, popcorn, hotdog, and a pop on "Monday Mania" nights. So we went.

Things that are the same as America:
* Previews
* Ticket guy who takes your ticket and tells you which theater to go to
* Screen
* Seats

Things that are different from America:
* Non-censored previews (some not family friendly)
* The Kenyan national anthem before the movie plays, which you must stand up to or they'll kick you out
* Sound going from high to low to painful
* Assigned seats
* Reasonable price

The Kenyan cinema isn't as fancy as those in the States, but I would say that it beats the Orca Theater in Soldotna, Alaska (not by much, however).


  1. Kim, sounds like you have had a very productive first week!!! I'm loving hearing all the details~similarities and differences from the US. Keep them coming! We think about you often!

  2. I remember assigned seating in England when I saw one of the Star Wars movies. I kind of liked it that way.

  3. It is so much fun hearing about your new life in Africa! I'm glad everything seems to be going well. You are one amazing woman! :)

  4. love hearing about all your new adventure...still waiting to see a picture of your new home and roomates and classroom...