Friday, August 1, 2008

Today's Shopping Trip

I went shopping for fabric with four other gals today. On the way we got stuck in a traffic jam, which is very common in Nairobi. The traffic is horrible here - worse than China, worse than anything I've been in. While we were stuck in the jam, a man selling maps came alongside our car. I needed a map for my classroom, so I rolled down my window to discuss a price for a world map. At first we couldn't agree and traffic started moving, so on we went with the vendor running after our car. He decided my price was OK, and he agreed to sell it to me. Through the window he gave me the map and I handed him the shillings. I bought my classroom world map while in a traffic jam without ever getting out of the car. It was great. The rest of the afternoon was spent fabric shopping, which was somewhat successful. There is much more shopping to be done, but that's never been a problem for me. :)

On a different note, many of you have requested pictures of my roommates and house. I don't have internet on my personal computer yet, so I cannot post pictures yet. Hopefully it will be coming soon. Be praying that I get internet at home. It's still up in the air. When I get it, I'll post about all those details and give you a video tour of the house. I also want us to finish decorating before the tour, so please be patient with me.


  1. The traffic sounds like a bummer... Does the driving style even measure up to India?!?! We will be praying for God to give you fast internet (installation and connection speed). Love ya babe!