Sunday, August 10, 2008

Missions in Africa

On Friday I experienced the most awesome teacher inservice I've ever been a part of. Our entire staff (over 120 people) split up into six groups to visit different mission organizations of which our Rosslyn families are a part of. It was amazing to see the various ways people minister in Africa: providing clean water, Bible translation, HIV care, children's homes, and more. In the course of the day I got to visit four organizations of the 70+ that Rosslyn families work for. MAF, one of the many acronyms used around here, provides air transport for many of the other organizations. Their whole mission is to fly other missionaries throughout Kenya, Sudan, and Uganda. Another organization, CMA (don't ask me what all these acronyms stand for :), does many things, one of which is teaching people how to filter their water from disease using only the sun and clear bottles. My favorite was the New Life babies home that takes in over 50 HIV positive babies at a time. Most of the kids are adopted by age 3, and many of the children running around my campus came from that home. We also heard testimonials from a few parents who are able to do their work because their kids can go to Rosslyn Academy.

Seeing and hearing all the work going on totally touched my heart. I held back tears several times throughout the day because I was overwhelmed by the fact that God wants me to be here, to be a part of all the amazing things going on. I feel so honored to be a minute piece of God's big puzzle. I'm very blessed to teach kids whose families are doing so many awesome things throughout this continent. I can't express how grateful I am that God is using me to do something I love.

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  1. That's a cool post. I know if you would have stayed here you would have been restless knowing God had something much bigger for you to do.