Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My African Hut

I wanted to give you a video tour of my house, but a 30 second video took an hour to download, so that tour is out. You'll have to come to Kenya to get the personal tour. Today you'll get the picture tour in no particular order...

My bathroom with a shower and bathtub separate. Our house has three bathrooms. I get this big one all to myself!

Our dining room with a swastika in the center of the tile.

Basement used mostly for hanging laundry and storage.

Kitchen filled with friends.

Living room with a view of three story mansions out the window.

More living room with furniture that needs to be recovered to match the walls. That will come soon we hope.

Outside of house with friends' cars in the drive.

Entry way - the first thing you see when you walk in our front door.

My bedroom - the wall is painted Masai red now.
There are two more bedrooms and two more bathrooms, but you'll have to come to Nairobi to see those. As you can see, I'm really roughing it in my African hut. There's lots of room here, so all are welcome any time.


  1. Did you know that the swastika actually connotes power and good luck and is an ancient symbol from India? It's just too bad that the Nazi's turned it into something evil.

    Did you hear about my accident here in Kentucky? I flipped my car two or three times from the west bound lanes of I-64 here all the way over to the east bound lanes and landed right side up. Amalija was in the car with me. We were heading to the airport. It was terrifying. We are physically okay, though she's a bit more bruised than I am. But we're a bit shaken up as would be expected. She's back in Oregon now. People here in Kentucky have been a great help. What a crazy introduction to Asbury and Kentucky!

  2. Kim:
    I had to look up Masai Red to see how red it is. OOOOOOOOOOk. Can You get e-mail yet

  3. Comment number 2.

    Love Dad

  4. We're coming! So fun to see your place. Now we can start visualizing you there. I bet your room looks great with a red wall. Thanks for the tour!

  5. Kimberly, I've been to Africa and I do NOT remember staying in a 'hut' like yours...come to think of it, mine was made of mud and weeds...you lucked out, girl! What a beautiful place!!!! And your own bathroom? Seriously, those are some nice digs! And I'm curious about the mansions nearby~do you live in a ritzy neighborhood?

  6. Have you seen the family huts? Do they come fully furnished? How far is the walk from your hut to the school building where you teach? Is it a good environment for teachers' kids to live in? eg. living right on campus?

  7. Some family "huts" are smaller than our place because we are off campus. The housing on campus is quite smaller, but still nice. Most families are on campus and choose to be, so their kids can play and bike all over the campus - more freedom and very safe. The kids love having 40 acres of campus to run, play, and explore. For me to get to campus only takes 10 minutes to walk. It's very close and convenient!

  8. Your roommates are fortunate to have your furniture recovering skills. What a great place! Going to the beach tomorrow for one last hang out day with the Macy's before they are off on their long journey to see you!