Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Kiddo's

I realize I haven't talked a lot about my students. I keep waiting to post until I take a picture of them and always forget. (To be honest, I get too busy and distracted by working to remember.) Now that my computer cord doesn't work, it will be a little while longer for a picture to be posted. So! Here are some details of the little people I spend most of my days with. The picture will have to wait.

Right now Rosslyn Academy has 38 flags flying outside the administration building representing 38 nations within the student body. Of those 38, my 20 students come from Kenya, Canada, U.S.A., Korea, Norway, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and China. By the end of day two I had names like Bezawit, Rediet, Ithiel, and Harshil memorized. Many of my students are here because their parents work for one of the 77 mission agencies associated with Rosslyn. Others are here for business or Kenya has always been home. All my students speak English - some better than others, but all are good speakers, even those whose second, third, or fourth language is English. It is humbling to be a teacher at an international school when you only speak one language, but fun to listen to kids conversing on the playground. You never know what language you'll hear when walking across campus. Yesterday, while walking from my classroom to the computer lab, I heard Korean, Swahili, and English. I love teaching here!


  1. Ms. Grimes...so fun to see your life in Africa. I thought of you today as the first day of school started at Veritas. So I thought today I should finally look at your blog. Glad I did...so glad to see you are doing well. "You will be a blessing to those students",just as I said last spring when we were talking outside of Veritas on the last day of school. Thank you for blessing my son's 4th gr. year and I know those students will gain from your teaching just as my son did a few years ago. Blessings to you. love from the Bos family

  2. Wow...I sure thought of you a lot this past week! I am so thankful for everything that you generously prepared for us. It has made a huge difference. You are in my prayers as you create and implement your new curriculum. You are talented at that you know.
    We miss you!!! I can't wait for my kiddos to meet your kiddos in our little pen pal project.