Friday, September 19, 2008

Fifth Grade

I thought it was about time I posted some pictures of who and where I enjoy most of my days in Africa. Here is a picture of my fifth graders and me with silly faces on "Crazy Hair Day" during Spirit Week.

Some of my students working on a group project in the courtyard outside our classroom.

My classroom when I first arrived... Little furniture, few bulletin boards, and lacking that homey classroom feel. Something had to be done!

The first week of school the classroom looked more like it should - loved and learned in.
Now you have an idea of what and why I'm in Africa. These kids are amazing, and I pray each day that God would make me the teacher I should be for each one. Thank you for all who have been praying for me and my students.


  1. "Your" kids are so incredibly blessed to have you as their teacher! May the Lord continue to bless your time there! I love and miss you!
    p.s. The classroom looks fantastic!

  2. Such cute kids!! I know that you are an outstanding teacher. So happy you got your work permit.

  3. Kim, you are a miracle worker on classrooms!!! Looks fabulous! Thanks for the picture updates; its nice to see what your life looks like!