Sunday, January 12, 2014

Morning Run

I recently read this...  6 Secrets to Getting Up for a Morning Workout

The one they left out was: #1 Live in a place where the sun rises before people do.

I like to run.  Margit Sziget is my sanctuary in the city where a run through the trees and paths is my own time, away from everything and everyone, time to think, time to let go, time to firm up my butt.  But in winter... this is very difficult.  When the sun rises after I get to work and sets before I leave work, it's very difficult to be motivated to go run on a cold, dark morning.  Or a cold, dark night.  But on the weekend, when I can get up after the sun rises, a morning run is perfect.  Even in winter (when there isn't ice floating down the Danube yet).

One of my favorite things about my Margit Sziget runs is an old man I often see.  He's usually somewhere along the path I take.  He's walking along or sitting on one of the benches, watching the runners go by.  And as I run past, he always gives me some encouraging words.  Or they're what I assume are encouraging words.  He's speaking in Hungarian and my headphones are in my ears.  But the smile on his face and the pump of his fist let me know that he is saying, "Good job.  Keep going." He always makes me smile.  And gives me a little pick-up in my stride.  I love that old encouraging Hungarian coach.  Just wish the sun would start rising earlier so I can see him more than once a week.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

A New Year on the Other Side of the World

2014.  Remember when that was far, far away in the future?  I certainly would not have guessed where my life would be in 2014 when I first ventured out into the "real" world (whatever that is supposed to be).  So what does 2014 hold?  (The parts I know so far...)

We'll spend another year living in Budapest.  My teaching contract is signed for the next school year, so that's for sure!

We hope to buy a car.  The nice thing about living in a big European city is public transportation.  It gets us everywhere.  But getting off the beaten path and pulling out our tent along the way sounds really fun.  So that's our next hope in the adventure.  We'll see how it pans out.

I will be teaching Grade 1.  Ahhh!!!!  I've never taught children that young.  Going from 8 year olds to 6 year olds may not sound like a big jump for many of you, but trust me, it is!  I'm mostly excited, anticipating the new career adventure (my 15th year of teaching) and asking lots of questions from experts of 6 year olds.  More on this topic and my attempts at survival will be posted here.

We will travel.  Of course.  Places are yet to be determined and will no doubt be based on hoped-for car and good deals on Wizz Air.

I will probably shop too much after watching way too many seasons of What Not To Wear over the holiday.

My husband will finish grad school.  YES!!!  This will change my life!  Oh, and his too.  Anyone who has had a partner going through school while you're together... you know what I mean.  (Especially when you're the one who is the bookworm nerd and he is the opposite of you in most ways.)  So cheers to us him on February 27th!

This is what I know about 2014.  The best part, however, is all the stuff I don't know yet.  So Happy New Year and may all the "unknown" things bring you adventure!