Friday, May 29, 2009

Keith and Laura Made It!

Keith and Laura, friends from Oregon, made it to Kenya this week! Although it's a bit of a crazy time for me - ending the school year, packing my house up to move this summer, and a trip back to the States for two months - we've found some time to play and have fun... Since they flew for 36 hours to get here, I didn't start them out with a hike the first day, like I did John and Erin. Instead, they got to sleep all day and then enjoy some Indian fast food at our favorite place, Diamond Plaza. The second day we enjoyed an "authentic" Kenyan day of dinner at a French cafe and seeing "Star Trek" at the cinema. Friday was Masai Market Day, so we shopped till we dropped, meeting all my Masai Market boyfriends who gave us good deals and a few free trinkets, as I said my good-byes for the next two months. Keith and Laura even dabbled a little in the bargaining game and got themselves a good deal after a few haggling lessons. They did great! After a long afternoon of shopping, we decided for dinner at home, followed by some Kim-made Kenyan chai. It is nice to have more friends from home who now know both my worlds. As old friends meet new friends, I'm blessed more and more.

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  1. Wow! DP, Masai Market with the boyfriends, and Kenyan chai! What a week. Did you take Joe with you to the market? He's such a hilarious bargainer. Maybe they can take him along another time. =)

    Love the new pic of you Jess and Kami. I'm sure you're going to miss those gals.