Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rainy Days

The long rains have come to Kenya, most of Kenya anyway. I know we are in desperate need of the rain, and I'm glad the rains are here for that reason, but I must admit that "Winter Kim" shows her face in this kind of weather. For those of you who have lived in Oregon with me, you know that Winter Kim is busy, tired, sometimes grouchy, and wishing for summer. Well, she's popping out here. I know I can't complain... I've spent these last winter months in sunshine, blooming flowers, and 80 degrees, so no one feels very sorry for me. However, I think being spoiled by all that gorgeous weather has turned this Alaska girl into a wimp! I'm wearing sweaters and closed toed shoes, and it's still in the 60's and 70's! What has happened to me? I'm going to freeze this summer in Alaska!

On the positive side of things, there are only three more weeks of school left and summer weather is in my future for June and July. I'm getting excited about going back to the States and seeing all my dear family and friends, but also having mixed feelings about it (for various reasons). I'm so busy right now with ending the school year well and spending time with friends here that I haven't really had time to think about transitioning back to life in the States. Even if it is just a holiday (or "vacation" in American lingo), I haven't been to the States in almost eleven months. It will be strange.

My American family and friends, no worries... "Summer Kim" will arrive on June 4. My dear Kenyan family and friends, I'm planning on "Summer Kim" arriving on May 22, as I push for all my work to be done, so I'll be ready to play! In the meantime, sorry if I seem melancholy. I'm missing my sunshine!


  1. Kim,

    Cannot wait to see you and hear even more about your time in Africa.

    Again, thanks for being so faithful on your blog.

    See you soon,


  2. You're fine Kim ~ No worries. And you'll adjust just right over here. Just bring your sweatshirts. :) We have had beautiful weather the last couple of weeks though, so who knows, maybe AK will surprise you. It's a different kind of heat up here anyway - right? :) And all this LIGHT is wonderful. Can't wait to see you. Take care, and enjoy your time. (It goes quick.)

  3. So... I told Spencer we are overdue for a roadtrip this summer. And just maybe we'll head up your way. It'd be so fun to see you again. But for sure let's chat when you're back in the states. Hope your rainy days don't get you too down! :)

  4. we like Winter Kim too! plus, Winter Kim is easier to tease in her pink zip up boots, fleece pants, and sweatshirts (not that it's cold enough in Kenya to wear all of those layers). hahaha... you're on the home stretch! Enjoy your time with friends and students these last few weeks.
    love ya.