Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Kenyan Girls!

"Two pieces of brown bread with chicken in between." That's how my dear friend, Nancy, described us as we took this picture Friday night. I had the girls over from my small Bible study class for a weekend retreat and slumber party. We started the evening talking, talking, talking. At about 8pm we started making dinner in Kenyan fashion - late. I wanted the girls to experience a typical American meal, so I made Mexican food. The ladies loved it.

Susan had tacos for the first time.

Nancy loaded her taco up - a little bigger than bite-size.

We continued through the night with more talking, praying, and dessert - peanut butter cookies and ice cream. At midnight we decided we were all tired and headed off to bed. In the morning we prepared for a busy day together... I made french toast and sausages for breakfast, then we went to a Women's Ministry Launch Event at church. It started at 9 am, and we arrived at 10:20. (I'm turning into a true Kenyan!) The Women's Launch was quite a show (the part we were there for anyway). Lots of worship and speakers, as usual, but some things stood out that you would not see at a women's church event in the States:
* the leadership team of six all wore matching African dresses
* the leadership and worship teams sang a practiced theme song
* the main speaker started speaking at 11:20 (remember, the event started at 9)
* and the biggest thing that stood out... Fireworks! As the pastor cut a ribbon to launch the new women's ministry, huge sparklers and confetti went off on the stage inside the church tent! I'm talking lots of sparklers shooting up toward the fabric hanging from the canvas roof. It was a huge show, like a concert!

After some mingling and tea, the girls and I went to The Nest, a babies' home near the church. We helped feed the babies during lunch, then continued on our busy day: lunch at my house, more talking, and some Bible study stuff. We finally said good-bye at about 5 pm. It was a fun-filled and exhausting weekend, but as you can see, I had a great time with my Kenyan girls!


  1. Living in Kentucky, with people from so many different places in the states, I've learned that there are some places in the US where there is no Mexican food. Imagine that! Crazy.

  2. sounds like a fun weekend. glad you are still plugging in there and exposing Kenyans to yummy Mexican food!