Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One New Car, Two New Scratches

I bought a car this week! Wendy and I put our resources together and purchased a 1997 junker for twice as much as you'd pay in the States. "Yeah" for living in a country where everything is imported! Actually, it's a good little car to get around Nairobi, run errands, and visit friends. I already broke it in with my first little fender bender - Oops! I drove home after dark through an area I probably shouldn't have been driving at that time, surrounded by matatus (the horrible public transport vans that drive like maniacs), when I got stuck between two matatus. Misjudging the distance on my passenger side, I scraped the rear end of one matatu. Since I was a woman alone in a car after dark in a not-so-safe part of town, I continued on my way after a choice word to myself for my stupid moment. In Kenya, driving on after an accident without stopping is pretty common, especially in the dark. But it didn't take away the fact that I banged up my new little car a bit...

Two little scrapes on the passenger side. Sorry Wendy! Needless to say, I'm not driving through that part of town after dark again. Lesson learned! (So you don't have to worry Grandma. :)

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