Monday, June 15, 2009

The Good and Interesting of Alaska

The best part of arriving in Alaska this week was meeting new family members.

My nephew Eli...Aunt Kimberly and Eli took a nap.

And my niece Bella...
It is good to be home with family and to be back in Alaska. It's always interesting to be back here because I'm reminded of what used to be "normal" for me that isn't so normal anymore. One "Alaska" moment today was going to lunch at the Stop-and-Go Cafe where we ate lunch surrounded by videos for rent. We got to eat and decide on what movies we want to rent to take home. What other place can you eat a meal in a video store? I love Alaska!


  1. so great to see you with all the new people in your life. hope you're having a good time with all of the catching up and hanging out. are you freezing your bum off?


  2. Kim,

    Great to see you enjoying family and friends and getting a well deserved nap.

    Will catch up after I get to GA.



  3. Hey I recognize those movies in the background. OUr kids love to ride their bikes down there for lunch or a snack. Fun Fun.
    Glad you are with family, and meeting those sweet babies ~ how fun! Look forward to seeing you soon. Love, Melissa

  4. Hey,

    For some reason you popped into my mind and I found your blog. Looks like life has taken you to many great places. I enjoyed reading what you've been up to. You haven't changed a bit (well...maybe some) since the days you were in my orientation class with Jory. Take care and maybe I'll talk to you soon (if you read this post :)


  5. You have been on my mind a lot these last few days. Hope you enjoy your time in Idaho. Will call soon.