Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Latest...

There is nothing new and exciting to report these days. We're a week and a half away from Easter Break (known as Spring Break in the States, but it's not spring here). It's really just been the usual... work, hang out with friends, and enjoy the sunshine.

So here are just some random things happening with me...

* The weather is still as hot as ever, which is unusual. It should be raining by now, but it's just dry, dry, dry and hot, hot, hot!
* My students are doing standardized tests this week, which gives me time to catch up on a billion things at school. I might get two out of a billion things actually done.
* My dear friends, John and Erin, come to visit me in a week and a half!!!!!!
* I'm going to the coast this weekend for a friend's wedding.
* Friends in Nairobi keep tempting me with evenings of fun, so my sleep schedule is a little off. "Winter Kim" and "Summer Kim" are clashing right now!

That's about it. Tutoanana! (See you later!)


  1. Make sure you reserve some of that "Summer Kim" energy for Oregon. It can come out in full force pretty soon! I'm excited to see you in a few months. Tell John and Erin hi for me!

  2. Oops! That last anonymous comment was from Tami! =)

  3. Kimberly! Your blog is so amazing and your life is so amazing. Y0u are a blessing and an inspiration. Also, you look beautiful! (As you always have.) Keep up the Godly work. Also, take a look at my blog; I just had a baby! Crazy right. :)