Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Big Blessed Day!

Today was a blessed day because I had my first visitor from home! Tim, a friend from TFC (Tualatin Foursquare Church), was in Kenya for a service trip, and we were able to get together for dinner tonight. It was wonderful to have encouraging words from my church family pour from Tim's mouth. It was like being in Tualatin, Oregon for a brief moment with all my dear friends at TFC. It made me miss you all more, but it was such fun to visit with Tim. Thank you Tim for taking time in your schedule for me and bringing me CD's of Bill's preaching. Thank you TFC family for sending your love with Tim. I definitely felt all your love in Tim's presence!

Today was also a big day because I drove from one end of Nairobi, through downtown, to the other end of Nairobi to meet with Tim. This might not seem like a big deal to you, but driving by myself, with a map on the seat next to me, during crazy rush hour traffic (think Portland at 5:30 times 20!), never having been to the place before, in a stick-shift, for almost two hours (I did take one wrong turn and got a little lost), and melting with sweat was a big achievement for me! Driving home only took 25 minutes due to less traffic and not getting lost again. But I came home with a buzz because I successfully drove across Nairobi and I saw Tim. IT WAS A BIG BLESSED DAY!


  1. I am so glad you and Tim were able to get together. Looking forward to seeing you when you get home.

    Love and God Bless,


  2. Kim, I just have to say...YOU LOOK FABULOUS! I miss my stylish friend!!!! :)

  3. Great job on the driving Kim! You are definitely braver than I am.