Friday, March 6, 2009


Despite the summer-like weather and blooming flowers, it certainly still feels like the crazy months of spring to me. Usually during this time of the year, school gets CRAZY BUSY... One more quarter of school to go, trying to finish the curriculum, field trips, extra papers to grade, getting kids ready to jump to the next grade, and still having a life outside of school. No matter the continent or type of weather, the work load remains the same during the spring (or in this case fall) months - HEAVY!

I have been busy, but the work is still a joy. Last week was Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW) at Rosslyn Academy. SEW is a week devoted to focusing on God and learning about Him. My job for the week (and the month before) was the Drama Team.
My drama team presented a short play each day of the week. It took many hours of preparation, memorizing lines, and practice. I was so proud of each one of them as they did their parts. We knew we were doing a good job when the audience would sigh with sadness as each skit ended. It actually made me laugh to hear the kids in the audience complain that the skit was over. They wanted more!How could you not with scenes like this?! The second grade teacher as a robot and my little actors doing a professional job. It was a great week! One child said, "That was the best week of my life!" Another commented, "I wish every week was Spiritual Emphasis Week." With all the games, skits, and fun, I would expect comments like these, but I think the kids gained spiritually in the process of having fun.

Next up on the to-do list... Cultural Field Studies (CFS) - a three day field trip with 50 fifth graders! Pray for my co-worker, Claude, and me. We'll need it!

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  1. I am thinking it must have been one of the best January's you've ever had on the job--no miserable winter weather! I miss having your spunk and down-to-earth personality around. Sad I won't get to see you when you come to the states this summer. Another time. Sometime, maybe I'll have some students to bring to Nairobi.