Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chakula (Food) Campaign

Some of you have asked me about ways you can help or contribute financially to needs in Kenya. If you are interested, read on...

Due to the drought in Kenya, my church, Karura Community Chapel, in Nairobi is targeting local people drastically affected by the food shortage. The church bulletin on Sunday described the Chakula Campaign (chakula means food in Swahili)...

Kenya is in a major food crisis, and we as a church would like to be of help as we serve our God and others. Recognizing that while the pictures of hungry people are coming from far-flung areas, there are extremely needy cases in the communities closest to us - especially the slums. In partnership with churches in the affected areas, we have identified specific families who need support, and our desire is a commitment to help these for 12 weeks (till 1 month after the start of rains). There are many affected, but our target is 500 families. We are working with the local administration and churches, aiming to ensure that we start with the most needy and in a sustainable way, ensure the intervention for specific families which will carry them through the emergency crisis period. We've also identified a small village linked to a church member deep in Udambani (a village outside Nairobi). In the village are approximately 100 families who have at this time run out of all food (even the mangoes they have been depending on are now gone). We hope to take a food gift to this area.

The cost for one family per week is 500 Ksh, which is $7.

I write this to give an avenue for those of you interested in contributing. For the next two weeks I will be collecting money in the States. On Friday, March 20 I will withdraw all funds collected from my U.S. account and put them in the offering plate on Sunday, March 22. If you would like to contribute, please make checks out to Kim Grimes (you have to trust me on this one - I won't keep it for myself :), and send them to:

Kim Grimes
c/o D. Grimes
PO Box 3528
Kenai, AK 99611

Please write "Kenya Food Campaign" on the memo line.

There is no tax write-off for this contribution, but many families who live within five minutes from my house in Nairobi will be very blessed. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or email me.


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  1. Thanks for the info, Kim. Jane's sister and family in Kenya are in need as well. I do not remember where they are in relation to Nairobi but I think it they are nearby.

    Hope you and Tim H have a good visit.