Sunday, April 15, 2012

A BIG tip for travelers

Italy. France. Spain. These are the countries tourists always want to see when they travel to Europe. Although I haven't been to EVERY country in Europe, I've been to a few now and I have to say... Western Europe is overrated. I'm telling you, you're missing the best parts of Europe if you don't travel to Central/Eastern Europe. For many reasons!

It's cheaper (you can actually afford this trip)
Fewer tourists
More varieties of food (pasta and tapas get REALLY old after a week)
More "off the beaten path" options
Unique cultures
Modern, yet old all at the same time
English speakers are easy to find even in the smallest villages (most of the time)

Take Croatia for example... Croatia has mountains, islands, miles and miles and miles of coastline, crystal clear water, warm weather, cold weather, hiking, biking, camping, cities, seafood, people who know how to cook seafood, affordable seafood, wildlife, national parks, quaint villages, modern everything, old-time feel, a LOT of history. We recently spent our Spring Break holiday camping in Croatia. Honestly, I think Croatia is my favorite European country to visit. It was my second trip there and Croatia did not disappoint. I'm ready to go back this summer! Take a look at these pics to see why...

Places highlighted in the video: Plitvice National Park, Pag Island, Cres Island


  1. AGREED! Preach. There are so many amazing places in central/eastern Europe... my list is always growing. But I expected Croatia to be cheaper than it was.. mostly to get there and get away. Our hotel was really cheap though.

  2. It's true Bekah, transportation in Croatia isn't the easiest - a lot of buses and only a few trains. This trip we had a car - easy! :)

  3. I agree! I love the places off the beaten path!

  4. Love the song you chose for the slide show.

    Sue G.