Sunday, June 12, 2011

Where is Budapest?

I'm sure many family and friends had to look up Budapest on the map when we said we were moving there. So here is some info about our home-to-be.
It is landlocked between six other countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Romania.

Very smart people come from Hungary, including Houdini (the magician/escape artist), the guy who invented the Rubik Cube, the guy who discovered vitamin C, the guy who invented the atomic and hydrogen bombs, and a lot of Nobel Prize winners.

It was communist until 1989.

It is said to have the most beautiful Parliament building in the world, which sits on the Danube River.
It snows in winter. (Not sure how I feel about this yet...)
Hungary sits on 80-something thermal springs and has turned these hot-springs into Roman/Turkish bath houses. Spa here I come!
There are many hiking and cycling trails, parks, and camping sites to enjoy throughout Hungary. Margaret Island sits in the middle of the Danube in Budapest, containing these fun activities.
We will live near that bridge on the Buda side of the city (the left side of the picture.) It's the same side as Buda Castle, which will loom over our new apartment.
We're definitely looking forward to exploring our new city and enjoying some of the things Kenya doesn't offer. 4 weeks!

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