Monday, June 20, 2011

Our final trip in Kenya

We took our last Kenya outing over the weekend. Eight friends. A rented house. Great view. Pool. Food. Drinks. Laughs. Games. Just chillin'. It was a great time in Naivasha (about 2 hours outside Nairobi) in the coolest house I've ever stayed in.
Of course, I got very reflective on the way home. But I'll spare you all the crazy thoughts that ran through my head and just give you the cliff's notes instead...

I love Kenya.
Sometimes I hate Kenya.
But Kenya has been VERY good to me, and I will miss it.


  1. gorgeous house!! glad you're enjoying kenya in your last days.. i hope you love hungary!

  2. First things first, I love your blog! I was born and raised in Kenya and I love seeing others appreciating the beauty of Kenya, just as I do!! the house looks fabulous, and glad to hear you had been having fun!!

  3. Ooh, very cool house! And you look just as cute as ever. I hope everything goes well with your transitioning... :)

  4. Awww, Kim, so glad you got a great last trip in Kenya! Now on to lots of new great trips in Hungary!!! Blessings to you during this transition time, girl!!!

  5. One last hurrah for Kenya. And that is a pretty cool house.

    Love and God Bless,