Monday, June 6, 2011

Hungarian Lesson 1

I'm learning Hungarian via Youtube. So far this is what I can say...

Hungarian Lesson One

Which means I'm ahead of Will in my Hungarian vocabulary for at least 5 more weeks. Because as soon as we arrive in Budapest, he'll pick up words by just hearing them, and remember them, pronounce them well, and then start language school, while I go to English-speaking school all day. I'll never catch up! But right now, I'm ahead and positive!

Hungarian Language Goal:
Learn to be conversational in Hungarian.

Things against me...
It's one of the most complicated languages in the world.
Hungarian is related to no other language, so it's NOTHING like English.
A very small sliver of the world speak it.
I'll be in English school all day around English speakers and becoming friends with (again) English speakers.
It will be tempting to rely on my fast learning husband.

Things for me...
Youtube provides FREE LESSONS!
Hungarian doesn't have tones like Chinese, so I don't have to sing the language, which I sucked at.
My husband can give me mini-lessons after school.
I'll be living in the middle of Budapest.
I can roll my r's.
I'm white and will look Hungarian, so there's more pressure to fit in and not sound totally stupid when I open my mouth.
A lot of people in Hungary don't speak English... SURVIVAL is a powerful force.

I know it doesn't seem likely I'll be too successful since I've lived in China and Kenya and never become conversational in Chinese or Swahili. But! I can do this! I'm determined! Hungarian will be my best foreign language yet! In a few months, will you please redirect me to this blog post so I remember my enthusiasm about it all? Thanks!

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