Wednesday, August 25, 2010


For Will, Prague is like going home. For me, it was like going home with Will for the first time. We spent time with old friends, ate at Will´s favorite spots, and went to Will´s church. As many of you know, we´ve been talking about moving to Prague in the next year or two (God willing) and many people have asked me, now that I´ve been there, if I still want to move there... Yes. It felt like home with friends and church and a heart at ease. So please keep us getting to Prague in your prayers. I visited several international schools, talked to some people, dropped come CV´s (resumes). We´ll see!

What I loved about Prague...

It has the most beautiful architecture of any city we´ve visited in Europe.

Cool friends.

Real church.

The castle, the pubs, and other cool places to hang out.


Good summer weather... not too hot and not too cold.

So if we move to Prague, who is coming to visit?


  1. Me!!! and I'll live with you in summers. deal?

  2. We're totally there! I need a new memory of Prague...not that the last memory was bad, I just didn't get to really experience Prague. Would love to see it with some locals. =)