Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is my favorite country of the trip so far... Beautiful rocky coastline, medieval towns still in use, and really helpful and friendly people. I definitely recommend visiting Croatia.

Our itinerary:

Dubrovnik (2 Days)
Stayed at a small guesthouse which was basically a woman renting rooms from her home. Walked all over the city. The Old Town sits on the coast line surrounded by ancient walls and not a single car on the cobble stone streets. Scars from the 1990's war can be seen from the new roof shingles and the bullet holes in the sides of buildings. Found a cozy little nook on the rocky beach to be alone. Aqua blue waters. Talked to the parents on skype from the steps of a Medieval church in the Old City.

Split (2 Days)
Saw the Roman ruins of this original Roman settlement as well as the changes to the city from Medieval times and modern day. Walked all along the coastline, stopping at each beach to take a dip in the sea and cool off from the heat. Got a bit of sunburn. Ate really good vegetarian pizza with corn on it. Got my nose pierced. Ate gelato for the 20th time on this trip.

Zagreb (1 Day)
Walked all around the city, which was really quite beatiful. A city Will and I could live in, we thought. Streets in the middle of the city had no people on them. Idealic European apartment architecture. Rolling hills and mountains. Slept in a hostel that was a bit of a young party scene. Woke up ready to go to Slovenia and relax for a couple days.

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