Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back on the grid!

The last few countries have been a bit more difficult to find internet, but we're finally back online. Here's the scoop from Greece, Albania & Montenegro, and Croatia...


  1. What an awesome adventure for you two. I know this is material for a book or two from you, Kimberly. And thanks so much for keeping up up to date.
    Mom G.

  2. My name is Tara Koehler, and I was just googling images of Mt. Kenya and ended up at your blog (the image was in Sept of '08). What a beautiful picture!
    I lived and taught in Kenya for two years and have been looking for a good picture of Mt. Kenya.
    My husband is in Kenya right now (Brackenhurst in Limuru) for several weeks. I was wondering if you would be willing to share that image of Mt. Kenya with me. I'd love to tell you why I want it. Would you please email me at tarakoehler@bellsouth.net?
    I know this is a strange request from a total stranger, but I'd be so very grateful.

  3. This is Tara again. Apparently, the email address I gave you isn't working anymore. Here is another one:
    Thank you.