Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Reading List

With more time on my hands this summer, I've read the following books thus far...

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, by Betty Smith
Very difficult to get into at first, but comes around to really explain the lifestyle of New York immigrants in the '20s. Interesting for me to see the correlations between poverty in America and poverty in Kenya - not much different actually. Kim's rating: OK.

The Search for God and Guinness, by Stephen Mansfield
Great book describing the generous hearts of the Guinness Family and how much they had an influence on Ireland, beer, and the church. Very interesting biography! And I learned some things about brewing beer too. Kim's rating: Excellent.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain
A classic I've never read before. I got it from the Limuru Children's Center, but I don't think any of those kids could read all the slaying in this book. It was hard for me at times. Kim's rating: Classic (need I say more...).

Books of the Bible - Mark, Luke, John, and Romans
I love the gospels and reading what Jesus did, but I have to say I've decided I don't care for Romans much. I can see where people draw their "hell, fire, and brimstone" theology from this book, but they should read ALL of Romans before they draw those conclusions. Kim's rating: Gospels - Excellent, Romans - OK.

That's it so far. I'd take your suggestions on books to read this summer, but I don't have a public library or local book store to get the book from, so I'll just have to stick with what I find around here. Comment and tell me what you're reading though. I'm curious.


  1. Unfortunately, I'm reading homework. A bit on Ethics and a bit on Church history from the reformation on. That guinness book sure looks interesting. I'll have to pick that up at some point.

    By the way, I'm in Canada for the summer and loving it. If you want to keep up, you can find my blog at :) I'm doing my best to blog each day.

  2. Just finished "Life of Pi" for our reading group. Another slow start but once into it, hard to put down. It had an impact on me. Sherry's rating: Excellent

  3. I'm currently reading "Jane Eyre" and it's very good. It also has the bonus of being one of those books that makes you feel smarter. A couple of my all time favorites are "These Is My Words" and "The Hiding Place". That little blue book I gave you is a great one too! :) Happy reading!

  4. Love hearing what you're all reading. Keep the lists coming! :)

  5. So funny that you rated Romans-OK. :-> Currently reading a handful of books-Twenty Chickens for a Saddle (Another one of those stories about a family living in Botswana-very interesting), rereading C.S. Lewis "Mere Christianity" (forever a best book in my book), a memoir called "All Over the Map" (About a wanderlust traveling 40yr old woman).
    Books I would suggest to you include -
    My Traitor's Heart by Rian Milan
    The Power of One and sequel Tandia-You may have already read.
    Have you read "Eat, Pray, Love". I'm planning to get my hands on this one and read it soon.
    loves to you.