Friday, June 25, 2010

Prayers for Solomon

Solomon is walking around and talking with people! He is doing amazingly well very quickly, and Patrick, his uncle, was shocked when he saw him last night at the hospital. He seems to have no brain damage thus far, but he is being monitored closely. We don't know if he will be able to hear from one side of his head, as his ear was torn off and he suffered damage on the right side of his head when the truck struck his school bus. Patrick wanted everyone to know that your prayers are working. When Will and I told him that all these people in America were praying for Solomon and their family, he was overwhelmed. He is very grateful, and his eyes reddened. Hopefully Solomon will be released from the hospital in the next day or two. This is very necessary due to the medical bills that are quickly racking up. Many people are generously donating to meet the costs, but continue to pray that the money is provided for Patrick's family. This is a HUGE thing in Kenya. This family would not be able to meet these medical bills on their own. Please also continue to pray for Solomon, that he would be a walking miracle for us all to witness. Thank you again for your prayers from Patrick and all of us with his family here in Kenya.

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