Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday Drive

Last weekend we took a drive through the Rift Valley to introduce our new roommate, Bethany, to life outside of Nairobi. Bethany is a college student from Ohio who is doing her student teaching at our school for two months. Her cousin, Rebecca, was visiting her last week, so we took the opportunity to take the girls to Lake Naivasha and Mt. Longonot for a great Kenyan experience. Some of the sights the girls enjoyed were...

Hippos snorting and splashing in Lake Naivasha,
African huts on the savannah,And a "cow jam".
Bethany is with us for four more weeks as she completes her student teaching in first grade. Our next venture with her is a safari near the Tanzanian border. I must say it's a little strange to have Bethany living with us because every time I say her name, I think of my dear sister Bethany. So Bethany Grimes, I think of you a lot these days! :)

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