Thursday, February 19, 2009

Knuckle Hills

The Ngong Hills are famous in Kenya. It's where Karen Blixon, the Out of Africa lady, lived. It's where the Maasai warriors live. It's what separates the city of Nairobi from the Great Rift Valley. It's also known to be full of bandits, robbers, and thieves. So when we went hiking through the hills on Saturday, we had to take along our AK47, which Chris is holding in this picture.Just kidding! We didn't take our own automatic weapon. We hired a policeman named Humphrey to carry the AK47 and accompany us on the hike.With Humphrey at our side, we didn't run into any thieves. Instead we encountered grazing goats of the local Maasai, beautiful scenery, and a 360 degree view of Kenya.The Ngong Hills, which means "knuckles", was given this name because, from a distance, the hills look just like the knuckles on a hand. The hills are really five hikes in one. When we finally made it to 9,000 ft on the first hill, we hiked back down and up again for the second hill...
the third...
the fourth...and the fifth!

It was another wonderful Kenyan experience, which I wouldn't mind repeating if you come to visit. :)


  1. Looks like a fun hike. I'm always happy when I see the community God has provided for you in Kenya. Love ya babe!

  2. I'll sign up for this one too!