Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spa Day!

I must admit that my best day in South Africa was spa day! For my birthday and Christmas gift Molly gave me a day at the spa (of course she joined in the fun as well, along with two other friends). Being that we could never in our lives afford to do this in the States, or any other country for that matter, we indulged in the "African spa of the year" (Don't ask me how to spell the name of the place). It was a day of every girl's dreams...

Treatment 1 - full body scrub
Treatment 2 - jacuzzi
Treatment 3 - hand massage
Treatment 4 - full body hot stone massage
Treatment 5 - foot massage
Treatment 6 - head and neck massage
Treatment 7 - facial

Each treatment was 45 minutes long! That's a lot of hours of oil and rubbing! We also enjoyed a gourmet breakfast and lunch, astounding desserts, amazing cheese and cracker spread for snack, open bar, and amaretto and chocolate to conclude the day. The whole day we all just kept saying to ourselves... THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!Molly, thanks for the gift. It is definitely one of the best presents I've received!


  1. Thanks Kim for posting that lovely picture of me. :-> I miss you already. I couldn't have spent the day at the spa with anyone but you.

  2. That sounds INCREDIBLE! How will you ever go back to real life again? Three weeks of beaches, spas, reading, sleeping, and not working! Hard to go back to work, I'm sure!