Sunday, January 25, 2009

I DO work.

I've been asked by previous co-workers and friends if I ever WORK in Kenya. Although it may not seem like it from my blog postings of hiking trips, rafting trips, and trips to the pool, I do go to work most days of the week. Currently, I spend my week days with 24 kids from ten different countries: Kenya, America, Canada, Norway, Korea, Ethiopia, Israel, Japan, Nigeria, and China. We're over half way through our school year, which is unbelievable, and each day I build stronger relationships with my students. I'm proud of them when they persevere and succeed. I cry at home when I don't know what else to do for a child, then I pray. And I laugh at some of the work they turn into me. One such writing assignment, which caused me to chuckle, was a composition on being an expert. This child chose to write about her expertise in shopping...

Fun with Shopping
Are you in need of something other than dingy shirts, or are you a stylish wonder? I am a wonderful expert at clothes. If you are smart, you should accompany me into the world of style! First, you have to wear a stylish outfit. Make sure you also wear comfortable shoes because you may shop for hours. You should make sure to bring a list of everything you want or need because you will see a lot of cute things. One thing you have to bear is a lot of money to shop. You might also need to bring a medium sized bag to hold some things you buy. A great thing to do is to bring a few fashion magazines, so that you can know what's stylish these days. One thing that could make your life simpler, is to bring someone to grasp all of your bags. Finally, a great tip is to not buy everything you see, like a million pairs of clothes. If you have followed my tips, you should be a stylish wonder. Remember, shopping is a way to a great, stylish life.

Is this child a girl after my own heart or what?! Now you see a little bit of what I get to enjoy each work day.

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