Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The 'pros' of a place

Living and traveling in various places has given me an appreciation for what each country has to offer. The pros of a place.

In China the delicious spicy cuisine was a pro. 
In Kenya it was the relaxed atmosphere (which I have to admit was sometimes a con as well).
America has the best customer service in the world.
Hungary the quietest people.
The Italian and Swiss Alps win for stunning views.
Denmark has amazing boutique shopping.
Zanzibar the best beaches in the world.

Most recently my adventures took me to Scotland. And I think they have 'friendliness' going for them. Everyone was so nice. Always willing to chat. Generous. Their generosity and friendliness came out in full force when we went out one night with friends. We visited one of our co-workers in his hometown. His dad took us from pub to pub in the little town of Eyemouth (which you say exactly like it's written: eye mouth). Hanging out with intoxicated old men in a small Scottish pub showed the true friendliness of the Scots, especially as the night wore on.

At our last stop, our host showed us a photo hanging on the pub's wall that he took some years ago. I went back to look at it a little closer, then returned to the group for another drink. In the midst of my meandering back to my glass, another man in the pub went home and came back with a framed copy of the same photo I had just been looking at. He had snagged it some years ago and wanted me to have it, since I was admiring it on the wall. Seriously?! He went home and brought it back for me just because I was looking at it! I trekked the photo back to our host's house. I didn't feel good keeping it, since it was really a family keepsake. But I was astonished at the generosity and thoughtfulness of every Scottish person I met. Truly, the Scots are some of the nicest people in the world.

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  1. Real Chinese cuisine! Love all your adventures!!