Friday, October 10, 2014

Atilla and Ildiko

Atilla and Ildiko live down the road from us. They're an elderly couple who are Hungarian, of course. The first time I met them was on the bus. They got off a couple stops before me that day. Atilla helped Ildiko down the step from the bus, as she limped and held her cane. I watched them saunter down the sidewalk as the bus pulled away destined for the next stop. When I got off, I jumped in my car. (We often park at the bottom of our "mountain" to catch the bus to the city.) As I turned the car to go up the "mountain", I saw Atilla walking beside Ildiko as she hobbled up the road. I thought, she should not have to walk up this hill. Then Atilla stuck his hand out to wave me down. They wanted a ride! I stopped, helped them in the car and off we went. They spoke no English. I spoke my pathetic bits of Hungarian. We established that I didn't speak German or Italian either. But we had a great little chat and I dropped them at their house.

A couple weeks later I saw them trekking up the hill again. I told Will to stop and pull over. We gave them a lift again with me giving the directions this time. Later I saw Atilla walking on the village sidewalk and gave him a shout and wave from my bike.

Atilla and Ildiko are a small part of my new Hungarian village life. They are part of what makes me like my little Hungarian "mountain".


  1. Cute! I'm sure they also enjoy living in community with you!

  2. This is so sweet! Glad you're blogging again!