Saturday, May 24, 2014

Good-bye City Life

In February, when we went home in the dark. When it took 45 minutes to get to work. When the city was dead. We decided to move to the village. Now it is May. The city is alive with the warm weather. The sun goes down at 8. And our car gets us to work in 20 minutes. But we're still moving away from the city to a small village of 7000 people.

I will miss the vibrance and laid-back-ness of the city.
I will miss Indian take-out. Chinese. Mexican. Restaurants and cafes.
I will miss walking downstairs to get an ingredient I need right then.
I will miss public transportation at midnight, dropping me off right at my front door.
I will miss many things about the city.

I'm looking forward to fresh air, trees, peace and quiet.
I can't wait to hop on my bike and go wherever the trail leads from my front door.
I will like the 10 minute commute (by bike).
I can't wait to have a small community of friends that hangs out just because.
I look forward to filling my bike basket with veggies and fruits from the weekend market.
I think I will like the village.

We move in June to a little village. It will be different, but good because change always brings new adventures. Looking forward to a new adventure in a little Hungarian village. (And the city is still only 20 minutes drive away.)

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  1. Very exciting. Can't wait to see pictures of your new place. Will you have more room for a garden?