Monday, May 19, 2014

Another Year, Another Ending

There is one month left of school. Friends are starting to prepare to move to new countries. I'm filling out recommendation forms for students transferring to schools in Shanghai and Geneva. Work is stressful. Kids still come to school with smiles. Warm weather is finally emerging. We're all counting the days. It is the end of another year, a teacher's year.

This time of year is sweet and sour. A lot of good-byes are in the works. Kids get over emotional and react unexpectedly. Adults are on edge and thrilled all at the same time. My husband puts up with my stress. Everyone is tired.

At the same time, summer is coming and the hope of rest is in sight. After all the end of the year assessments. After writing reports. After helping children cope with good-byes and leaving. After field trips and sports days. After moving from a flat to a house. Summer will be here and so will the end of another great year.

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