Sunday, December 1, 2013

Turkey on "Turkey Day"

Working at an American school overseas has its perks.  Having Thanksgiving weekend off when the rest of Europe is going about regular business is one of those advantages.  For international teachers, this four-day weekend means only one thing... travel time!  This year we headed off to Istanbul.  The humor of being in Turkey the day we should be devouring turkey was not lost on us.  We decided to spend our day consuming too much Turkish delight instead of turkey and dressing, and we enjoyed our sugar comma to the fullest.  Aside from consuming too many sweets, we saw the sights.  What a beautiful city to explore.

A fusion of East meets West.
Chaos and order.
Asian markets and European shopping malls.
Mosques and churches.
The call to prayer echoing throughout the day.
Chestnuts roasting on open fires on the street.
The sea.
Honking horns.
Byzantium, Roman Empire, Ottomans.
All in one GIANT city.


  1. What a fun thing to do for Thanksgiving. Love traveling with you and Will through your blog and photos. The city was beautiful. The last photo reminds me of the ships coming up the Columbia.

  2. Love it! Turkey was a great choice!

  3. Love it! Turkey was a great choice!