Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas in Europe

My favorite part of Christmas in Europe is the ambiance of the Christmas markets.  Pick any city in Europe and you'll find their version of the Christmas market.  Some are cheesy, Chinese-made trinkets, like in Prague, Czech Republic.  Others are traditional crafts and ancient settings, like Dresden, Germany.  Budapest puts on several Christmas markets throughout the city.  You always know Christmas is here when you see men hanging lights down Andrassy Avenue and the little wooden houses, where vendors sell their crafts, being hammered together in every square.

Give me a cup of mulled wine, a walk through the market and friends to meander with... and it feels like Christmas.  It's a bit different than the advertisements, giant shopping bags and big jolly Santa Clauses you see in America.  But the Christmas spirit is definitely in the air.  Christmas is Budapest definitely puts you in the spirit of the season!

Budapest, Varosmarty Square

Dresden, Germany

Vienna, Austria

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