Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I have not disappeared

I realize I haven't posted in forever.  As my husband says sarcastically, "You're disappointing your readers."  To which I respond, "My grandmother and mother-in-law are waiting for this post (you punk)."  I don't really know who reads this blog aside from a couple girls who emailed me about teaching abroad.  (Congrats on the jobs ladies!)  But I figure it's time to get back to the blog.  Sorry for the furlough.  Here is what has been happening on the other side of the world...

The Danube River flooded.
It was quite a site.  The biggest tourist attraction in Budapest for a week.  I must say I was so impressed with the way Budapest has been built to accommodate the flooding river.  After 1000 years of floods, Budapestians have it figured out.  No real damage in B-town but a record flood that was actually fun to watch.

School ended and summer came!

We are enjoying every minute of it... Family, guests, my terrace garden, travel, new countries, revisiting countries, sleeping in, the pool, getting a sun tan, reading books for pleasure.  Ahhh... Some much deserved R&R.

Some of you roll your eyes and make snide remarks about the life of a teacher.  But let me tell you why I deserve two months of freedom...

So all you teachers out there... Enjoy it while it lasts!  More adventures to come, and I promise I won't be absent from the blogging world for the summer.  Bring on the travel season!


  1. i read...betsy in alaska. ps...i'm a nurse, we do "just" 3-12 hour shifts a week so people sometimes think i'm a slacker! enjoy your summer.

  2. YAH! You're back. :) tee hee and I LOVED being mentioned. Made me feel totally special