Monday, December 24, 2012

You know you have traveled a bit when...

1. You have lost track of how many countries you've been to.
2. You know where your next trip is going to take you.
3. You do NOT want the stamp in your passport because you do NOT want to have to get more pages added.
4. You know which countries Doha, Diani, and Dresden are in.
5. You have friends from all continents (Antarctica can be excluded from this one).
6. But you know someone who has been to Antarctica.
7. You've experienced bed bugs.
8. You know how to use public transportation, even in another language.
9. You've gone to the doctor in another country.
10. You can fit everything for a vacation in a carry-on bag.
11. You've spent Christmas overseas.
12. You've been upgraded to a higher class on an international flight.
13. You saw the movies on the in-flight entertainment on your last flight.
14. You've used toilets that don't have a seat (ladies included).
15. You've eaten things you were not sure what they were.
16. You can pack for a week's holiday in 30 minutes or less.
17. You've run through the airport to catch a flight.
18. You've missed a flight.
19. You fly over 24 hours and still go to work the next morning.
20. Your "Places to See List" is still LLLOOOONNNGGG and you know you'll spend your whole life tackling it.

Travelers, what would you add to this list?


  1. I can only relate to 12 of yours.. I will NEVER lose track of how many countries I've been to! :) and I love the stamps!

    I would add: you've spent holidays with people from all over the world, you've thrown up in several countries (my specialty), you'd rather spend your money on travel than anything practical (and you encourage others to do the same).

    Love the list!

    1. 12 out of 20 is a B grade in the British School System. I think you're doing pretty good Bekah! :)

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