Monday, December 3, 2012

Jack Frost Nipping at my Nose!

Today the snow came.  The wind is biting.  And my little black dress (with long sleeves, tights, leggings, and boots) under a winter coat is NOT enough.  The price of looking cute for a party.  Walking home from the tram tonight, Will and I decided that the night of my birthday will not involve a late night out like it should, simply because it is too blasted cold!  Looks like cozy nights are going to be more frequent.  Winter is here!  The kids enjoyed sledding at recess.  I have pulled out my women's arctic parka, which is more like a sleeping bag than a coat.  (As Will pointed out - not flattering.  But who cares, it's warm!)  Wool ski socks are back in my sock drawer.  December, January, February... Fingers crossed March is warmer.

It's not all bad though... Christmas markets are open.  Lights are up on streets and buildings.  Mulled wine warms your hands while walking about.  I really do love Christmas in Budapest.  (...when I'm wearing my sleeping bag coat.)  And icebergs aren't floating down the Danube... yet.


  1. Do icebergs really float down the Danbue?

  2. January, February - yes! I'll try and post a picture.