Sunday, May 13, 2012

Signs of Summer

Summer is here.  It arrived around the first of May, when Budapest broke its record high temperature at 32 degrees C (90F).  But its not just sunny days that show signs of summer...

Tourists walking around the city with their maps,
Asking for directions in English.
Cruise ships coming up the Danube,
Waving up at you on the bridge.
Cotton from poplar trees flying everywhere,
into our living room,
our bedroom,
even downstairs where no windows are open.
Windows open in the day
And the night.
The fan blowing on the bed.
Lighter blankets on us as we sleep.
That ring around my tub getting a little darker.
Men on bikes, 
Women on bikes,
Kids on bikes.
Runners with no shirts on Margaret Island.
Sunbathers in the grass.
Kids playing in city fountains.
Green leaves.
Teachers reminding each other, "Five more weeks!"

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