Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I looked in my closet yesterday and realized...

When I moved to Budapest
I owned 3 sweaters
And a lot of ratty summer clothes
Washed by hand
And dried in the African sun too many times.

When I looked in my closet this week
I saw 11 sweaters
And a few ratty summer clothes
Washed by hand
And dried in the African sun too many times.

Last year at this time
I was wearing a sun dress and sandals to work.

Now it's -7 degrees F
And I'm wearing long underwear,
Trousers (leggings don't cut it!),
2 pairs of wool socks,
2 shirts,
1 sweater,
1 scarf,
1 hat,
1 amazingly warm coat,
And ugly old winter boots from years ago
To work each day.

I looked in my closet yesterday and realized...
It used to take me 2 minutes to get dressed in the morning.
Now it's a full 15 minutes with all those layers.
I'm ready for spring.
And it looks very far away...!


  1. Someone really needs to invent affordble telaporting. Then you could come to my house and enjoy a few hours of relentless heat and I coule go to your house and wear wool and throw snowballs!

  2. Oh and speaking of ratty, hand washed, sun dried, threadbare clothing in the closet...Let me just say that I will be in NEED of a few serious shopping trips with you this summer!

  3. What a difference! I can't imagine having to do that... I love being able to slip on a dress and sandals in the morning. Then again, a change in wardrobe would be nice! Stay warm!

  4. Hello Kimberly,
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  5. Mar and Jenny, I do enjoy the change in wardrobe, but I'd like to be in your neck of the woods right now! :)

  6. cute clothes! have you started wearing colored tights yet? :)

  7. Bekah, I've donned black, brown, and grey. Nothing too outrageous. But I have worn tights. They are pretty cute. I could see a bit more color coming into my tights collection in the spring. I'm working on catching up to the times... :)