Sunday, May 15, 2011

No green thumb needed...

Things just grow here! As some of you know, when we arrived at Flat 17 we had some pots with very sad sticks coming out of the soil. With a little bit of water we had green leaves. Now, every once in awhile, a surprise flower pops through the green. The latest is this:
The flower only lasts a day. It turned into this the next day and fell off.
After a bit of internet searching, we found it was called Neomarica Gracilis or Apostle's Iris or the Walking Iris. It's native to West Africa, Central and South America, and most densely populated in Brazil. Supposedly it is quite rare. Cool!

We also saw these pop up about the same time.
Will realized they might be the pepper seeds he planted months ago. They've finally shown themselves. I guess they just wanted the heavy rains to come. We'll see, we may have peppers soon.

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  1. Flower is beautiful. Reminds me of the wild Iris that grows on Yamhill County hills. Hope the peppers arrive before it is time for you and Will to leave.

    Love and God Bless,