Saturday, May 21, 2011

7 More Weeks

School has been VERY hectic. Even the head teacher (principal) admitted to me yesterday that Braeburn School is the busiest place he's ever worked, and it gets busier every year. You should see all the teachers on a Friday night. "Knackered," as my colleagues say. Despite all the chaos and feeling like a chicken with my head cut off, we do manage a bit of fun amongst the learning. These are some of the things we did this week in Class 4K...

Monday we went to the Nairobi Railway Museum to learn about the building of the East African Railway. If you've seen Ghost in the Darkness, you'll know a little bit about the man-eating lions that ate workers who built the railway. Here's the car where one man was
dragged off.
The museum has many interesting relics. This outdoor train seat was sat on by Teddi Roosevelt, the Prince of Wales, and two of my students.
International Day was Wednesday. We all enjoyed dressing up and traveling around the world. We went from Aruba to Australia to Canada to Japan and more. We all suffered a bit of jet lag by the end of the day!
We played some "ice-hockey" in Canada.
And wore kimonos in Japan.
Our week continued with more excitement as class 4K presented an assembly for the school on Friday. We acted out the story of Gandhi, whom we've been studying. Here are some of my fabulous actors.
You can see "Young Gandhi" on the front left (totally type casted!) and "Old Gandhi" on the right (bald cap and all).
It's the weekend now, and I will admit that today (Saturday) I'm doing absolutely nothing in front of the TV, took a 3 hour nap this afternoon, and haven't even gotten dressed. The work load is starting to catch up with me. I will also admit that I'm counting down. What teacher doesn't at the end of the year? 7 weeks to go. Despite the extreme parts of this job, I have learned a lot this year and enjoyed the diversity and improvement of my kids. (But I do hope the American School of Budapest is a little less hectic!)

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  1. Hi Miss Grimes YIKES Mrs. Porter,

    We enjoy reading your blog. Reagan would like to keep in touch with one of your students, Maureen. Would you ask her parents if it would be alright if the girls kept in touch? Does Maureen have access to email? My email is We don't have our new address yet, but we would be open to snail mail as well.
    So glad things are going well for you.
    Take care,
    Sandy Brenenstuhl