Thursday, January 27, 2011

We're moving!

Where in the world are Will and Kim going next?...

Last weekend I went to London for an international job fair. This is how it went:

Two full days of interviews,
getting pep talks from Will via phone and skype,
being nervous,
being excited,
second interviews,
more emotions,
talking with new friends from all over the world,
gossip about good schools and bad schools,
some rejections,
and finally...

I was offered a grade 4 or 5 position at the American International School of Budapest! Of all my interviews that weekend, Budapest was my first choice. The school. The location. The cost of living. The pay. The possibilities. Will and I are very excited for the next adventure. We move in six months! There are lots of possibilities for Will in Budapest as well, but we don't have to worry about it yet. Honestly, this school and this city in this country are completely a "God thing". We know He's opened these doors, and we're excited to jump through them! Thank you to all who have been praying for us as we went through this process and made our decision. You have been a great blessing to us!

So who is going to come visit us in Hungary? We're close to the beaches of Croatia, the beer in the Czech Republic, and everywhere in Europe is only a train ride away! Our guest room will be awaiting you!


  1. Oh how stinkin' cool Kim! Congrats on the new job!

  2. So grateful to hear the news, Kim! We've been praying!

  3. Congrats Kim!!!!!! Those are INTENSE job fairs, I'm glad you kept your cool and impressed everyone so much. Very happy for the results. Budapest would be on my top choices of cities to live in.. can't wait for you guys!

  4. Hooray!!!! Kim, your diligence paid off! I'm sooo excited for you! Keep the porch light on for me 'cause I'm definitely going to visit...someday? :) Love ya!

  5. So exciting! You can count me in to visit.

  6. So exciting! I'll come with Molly! :)

  7. Haha - that last comment was Tami by the way.

  8. Congratulations Kim! My husband really wants to go to Budapest. We might have to come see you!

  9. Hi! Some of my friends went last summer to Hungary, and they stayed there for almost two months helping, teaching spanish and playing with poor and sick children... So commendable!
    Anyway, enjoy the country and congratulations!
    kisses, Cat

  10. Hi Kim,

    I stumbled across your blog while doing some Google searches and I have spent the past 20 minutes reading your old posts. My husband and I spent our first year of marriage (2007-08) in Nairobi and we miss it every day. I could really identify with a lot of the things you mentioned about the city and countryside. I just wanted to let you know that your adventurous life with your husband is such an inspiration! We're finishing up some graduate education here in the states, but hope to be hopscotching our way around the globe (for work, service and pleasure) in the next few years. Thanks for the encouragement and may God bless your next adventure in Budapest (a place that's high on my to-visit list)! Enjoy the rest of your time in Kenya; soak it up.