Saturday, October 9, 2010

The people we meet...

One of the fun things about living in Kenya is the opportunity to hang out with people we otherwise would never get the chance to meet. Like Joe and Linda. They are from the UK originally. Linda serves on the board for the children's center, and Joe has lived in Kenya forever. His kids grew up here and his daughter even went to Braeburn School (where I work). They built a beautiful home near my old school and have had the kids from the center over for BBQ's and swimming parties. They're super generous people who are very down-to-earth. Will got close to them through the children's center, and I started tagging along when we got married.

On Thursday night they invited us to their country club - a 100 year old colonial club that still boasts the "men's bar" where cigar smoke and testosterone are pungent. Stuffed lions killed in 1914 still decorate the interior, and of course, proper dress is required. Dinner, drinks, and old colonial British experience made for an interesting night. And it made me think... We would never have this experience living in America. Our white skin and small international community provide us with some unique experiences in Kenya. I like the people we meet living here. Always interesting.


  1. so true kim! if i know will, he didn't follow the dress code.. or has africa changed him that much? :)

  2. No Bekah, you're right. Will was told no jeans, so he wore cords and a collar shirt. Africa has not changed him in that regard. :)