Sunday, October 24, 2010

After vacation...

I got off the plane today in Nairobi after a wonderful week at the beach... The savannah greeted me with acacia trees lining the horizon. The glorious and much needed rain was still puddled on the side of the road. Even traffic was smooth (yea for Sundays). And it all reminded me of when I first came here and everything I saw was exciting and new and African. I was reminded of this at the beach as well while driving to our cottage, passing huts and fruit stands and women with bundles on their heads. I think after two and a half years of living here, I forget how cool some things in Kenya can be. When I get off our chaotic and annoying street in the city, Kenya is a beautiful place. In Limuru we have friends and family that we are invested in.
At the beach we are spoiled with the white sand and warm Indian Ocean.
In Nairobi we have friends who we can share our lives with.
Despite my frustrations this year with Kenya and the hard things that have come our way in the last year, Kenya has given me so many good things. And I'm grateful for it all!

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  1. Oh how I would love a vacation on the beach right about now... Glad you had a good time!