Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vatican City and Then Some...

Being that Vatican City is a country in and of itself, it gets it's own post... This 0.44 square kilometer country brought us a bit of luck, as we just happened to visit on the last Sunday of the month, when entry to the museum and the Sistine Chapel is free. Ancient Roman statues, paintings of Mary and Jesus, early Christian church coffins, we saw it all - and lots of it. The Sistine Chapel was the highlight of the Vatican museum tour because it's so famous and it was just plain cool. We also toured St. Peter's Church, where the Apostle Peter's bones "supposedly" lie and where the Pope always gives speeches from in the Vatican. Yep, it's the place you always see on TV. It was the biggest and most amazing church I've ever entered. Underneath the church we went through the maze of Pope coffins, including Pope John Paul. It wasn't spooky, it was actually a very peaceful place I thought. The Vatican is definitely worth the day we spent there.

To see everything in Rome could have taken us a week, but we only had 2 full days, so on we went... A train to Bari, Italy. A 16 hour over-night ferry to Patra, Greece. A bus to Kiato, Greece. A train to Piraeus, Greece. Two days traveling. We made it. We have a bed to sleep in tonight until our super fast ferry of 5 hours to Santorini Island tomorrow morning. We're on the go, but having fun, especially after a shower and dinner.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time. I'm living vicariously through you. :->