Thursday, July 1, 2010

Solomon is Out!

Solomon is out of the hospital. The bill is paid. And he looks so good. He still has to see the neurologist for check-ups, but his hearing looks like it will be fine, and he has few scars considering the damage of the accident. If you had seen that boy when we arrived at the emergency room with him and see him now, only a week later, you would be amazed. Thank you for all your prayers for Solomon and his family. The funds have been donated for his medical bills, and Solomon is getting stronger every day. His sister, Rosemary, who was also in the accident, is back at school and doing well.

If you continue to think of this family, you can pray that Solomon will have no brain damage and his memory loss will be restored. Also, pray that both Solomon and Rosemary are able to overcome the trauma of the accident. They saw the deaths of two people and 15 kids in the hospital bloodied and broken that day. Rosemary described to me how the driver, who was killed instantly, looked and various other gruesome details that no child should have to experience. The trauma is something they are still dealing with.

Thank you again for the love and support you've given people you don't know. All of us on this side of the world have been blessed by it. Much love to you!


  1. That is so amazing. Praise God for all of the miracles, small and big, of this situation. Thanks for keeping us updated. Will still be praying for everyone involved in the accident.

  2. Father, I thank you for the priviledge of prayer and the miracle that you have wrought and what you will continue to do in Solomon's and all these children's lives.