Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good and Bad

Last weekend was gorgeous, so I ventured out each morning for a walk around my neighborhood. There are some NICE houses in my new neck of the woods - old British colonial houses. Although they're hidden behind gates and barbed wire, I still got a peak. The thing I love best about the neighborhood is the tea fields. We're surrounded by tea fields. And in the early morning hours, with the sun shining, you can smell the tea in the air.
On a completely different topic... Lately I've gotten really annoyed by all the rat and gecko poop on my classroom shelves and counters. Every day I come into my classroom to scrape little brown droplets off papers and books. Sometimes the kids get worksheets with little brown smears on them. The good thing for me is that this is Kenya, so no kids nor their parents care. Yea Kenya!

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