Friday, October 2, 2009

Lunch, Blood, and Flying Kites

It was a regular day at school, as I walked to get my lunch. As usual, I stood in line with the kids to get my deli sandwich overflowing with veggies. The lunch lady, who has my order memorized by now, put a plate on top of my lunch and handed it to me. She always gives me two plates, so I can cover my lunch with one to protect it from the kites (one of the many types of birds that hang around Rosslyn campus). On many occasions these pesky birds have been known to swoop down and take apples, sandwiches, and any other food they can grab right out of a child's hand. This particular day, I was the victim. While walking from the lunch line to the teacher's lounge, a kite swooped down out of nowhere and tried to get my plate-covered lunch! Luckily, my lunch was protected and spared from the kite's talons. But my hand was not! A little blood and a pounding heart were the only results, however. I guess living in Africa has to entail a little danger now and then.


  1. well I guess a kite attack is better than a lion..... Glad to hear your lunch was spared :)

  2. Kim, loved the picture of the week. Say hi to Will for me.


  3. It's about time we see a real picture of your honey! Love the photo. And the funny story about the crazy birds! Hope all the planning is going well! :)

  4. Thats crazy Kim. Look out for all wild animals!! Hope your hand is healing.