Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Subject

I know I've been a horrible blogger. I'm so sorry. As most of you know, I've been a bit distracted lately. Something about a handsome man I know... :) So as I sit on the computer tonight, I thought I'd just give a random update on life in Kenya. This is not a usual blog post - no subject or point and unfortunately, no pictures. Just want to say I'm still here and I haven't forgotten my blog fans.

The Water Crisis... It is so dry here! Crazy dry! All the Masai men are bringing their cows into town because there is no grass in the valley for them to graze on. The other day on the way to church we got in a jam - a cow jam. No other cars were around, just a herd of cows we couldn't get past. They were so skinny with their ribs sticking out. The water crisis is hitting Rosslyn campus as well. There is no more city water coming our way and the big borehole is empty. We have a little water left in the smaller borehole on campus, but once that runs out, we're out of water. What does that mean? No showers, no drinking water, no flushing toilets. Possibly they might have to close down the school if we can't buy water to fill the tanks. We'll see. Please pray for rain in Kenya. My lush part of Kenya is turning into a dry and yellow landscape. We need rain!

My class... Loving them! I have a great group of kids this year that I am thoroughly enjoying. It was a tough start to the year for me because I was pretty worn out from a busy, traveling summer. But this class has helped me get back in my teaching groove, and I'm loving it. We're back to singing about nouns and dancing to multiplication hip-hop. I still love this job!

I'll add more updates later. Sorry for being a lame blogger lately. Love you all!

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  1. Kim,

    I think we are all delighted with your distraction. Loving this new direction that God has you on.